Frank Hüpperling


“we will soon find ourselves with a generation of grannies
who can’t bake a cake but have tattoos on their bums.”

For years now, I have been consumed by this question: How do I want to live and spend the last stages of my life? None of the popular models really appealed to me. They tend to be backward-looking and fail to factor in the future “older” generation’s changing attitudes. The idea of the OldtimerCamp was born out of this situation, and aims to bring a completely new context to the topic of growing older.

How can the “rexit” of suddenly retiring at 67 be transformed in a gentle transition in keeping with the times? Change doesn’t just happen, after all. It takes planning. My idea is based on a single vision: I want to grow old as part of a community, and I want to live a self-determined, active life.

The concept below has undergone constant development over the past three years. Let’s take the next step towards our future – together.

Frank Hüpperling
Architect, Project Developer, Initiator

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German Federal Agency for Civic Education

living as we age

»Demographic change demands new ideas. The ever-growing number of seniors are claiming their right to dignity in their sunset years and have different needs for age-appropriate accommodation. The OldtimerCamp provides a forum for developing these kinds of ideas and has all that is needed to foster a constructive debate on this forward-looking issue.«

Thomas Krüger
President of the German Federal Agency for Civic Education

Thomas Krüger

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»It’s clearly evident that life in a retirement home long ago grew far from being an option for all older people. In fact, many people have rejected it outright. The project represents an innovative opportunity to provide a real alternative to the growing number of older people.«

Andy Hehmke
District Councillor for Business, Organisation, Schooling and Sport in the
District Office of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Berlin